Health & Safety Guidelines

Whiskers COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

Everybody’s health and safety is our primary concern; this includes our staff as well as our valued customers. We respectfully request everyone to read the following very carefully and adhere to the safety guidelines. Only with everyone’s support and understanding will.


We always have very rigorous cleaning and hygiene standards and schedules but are now being extra attentive with even more frequent cleaning and sanitising. This now includes face masks for all members of staff. 

As well as regular and thorough hand washing all staff will be regularly using hand sanitisers and we have now provided hand sanitising stations for customers. We have made it mandatory for all customers to sanitise their hands properly on entering the premises, on entering and exiting the toilets. Please find these stations clearly signed and note that they are AUTOMATIC and do not require any contact. Do not be offended if we remind you to sanitise your hands.

We also ask that you wait to be seated so that we can properly sanitise the table and chairs before the next customer sits down and please refrain from touching anything unnecessarily such as walls, paintings and plants.


To ensure social distancing we have removed several tables and chairs so that all seating areas are well spaced out, unfortunately we cannot add extra chairs/stools onto the table because of this. We respectfully request that you do not move or swap any of the furniture as the positions have been carefully selected.


All children now have to exit the premises by 5pm at the latest, this includes all minors and infants and we will only allow 2 buggies in at any one time and only if there is sufficient space to do so. We also request that all children are kept with a responsible adult and must not be allowed to roam, this includes babies placed on the floor and on tables.


Going forward and for the foreseeable future only 2 dogs will be allowed in at any one time and only at the bar area at the front of the building. Whilst we love animals we ask you to respect us as we insist on quiet, well-behaved and clean dogs only. If your dog/s start to bark, you will be asked to take them outside.


We will continue to offer great service at whiskers however we have cut down the staff level within the building at any one time so please bear with us and do not be offended if we only top up your drink at the beginning of service as we are attempting to limit contact time and ensure social distancing.


Whilst we do accept cash as a form of payment we encourage our guests to use card and contactless payment methods whenever possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this notice and following our guidelines that will help ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

Jonnie & Lorraine